Co-Founders:CC team 2013

Staff & Volunteer Associates:

  • Jan Bean, Executive Director/CEO/International Relations Director
  • Beth McMillen, Managing Director/COO/Short-Term Teams Coordinator
  • Laura Cook, Research & Development Associate
  • Katelyn Derr, Operations Associate
  • Lexie Archer, Development Associate, 5K Chair
  • Sarah Dolan, Ass’t Research & Development Department Director
  • Beth McCarrick, Development Associate
  • Andrew Kalemkarian, Multimedia & Tech Associate
  • Kate Dennstaedt, Ass’t Information Department Director; Director of Communications
  • Gail Guidry, Ass’t International Relations Director; Community Development Associate, Liberia Projects
  • Jim Henderson, Marketing Consultant
  • Robin Holubowski, Development Associate
  • Michael Iskander, Volunteer Associate
  • Ashley Morse, Volunteer Associate
  • Emily Rothera, Ass’t to COO; Administrative Operations Associate
  • Ann Schoen, Prayer Associate
  • Lori Sheppard, Morocco Special Projects Director
  • Lois Wallace, Uganda Country Director
 Board of Directors:
Ex officio members:

Board of Reference:

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