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Cup of Compassion: Telling the Story

coffee_handsThis new social enterprise is a perfect extension of Compassion Corps’ central mission. We call ourselves a coalition of concern and we aim to initiate and support projects that will alleviate suffering and advance economic development in northern Africa. Most importantly, we do this through strategic partnerships with indigenous leaders. After talking with our farmer friends in Liberia and doing quite a bit of research on the coffee industry there, we found a perfect fit for a new venture that will accomplish the following:

  • Promote Liberia’s economic growth by boosting its coffee industry 
  • Provide access to a US market (with fair prices) for Liberian specialty coffee
  • Encourage African farmers to invest back into their local communities
  • Assist Compassion Corps in raising critical funds to pour back into projects


*Note: plans are in place to extend this venture into other African countries as well, but we are beginning with a specific focus on Liberia.

Our 3 Roasts:
Justice Java, Promise Perk & Liberia Light

cup_of_compassion_logoJustice Java: This Liberian specialty blend is a rare, delicious and unique medium/dark roast that is made from coffee grown in Nimba County, Liberia, in West Africa. The beans are hand-picked, hand-sorted and hand-processed in Liberia. The farmers and all workers involved in the process are given a fair wage for their efforts. When the green coffee beans arrive in the US, they are roasted and packaged courtesy of Industry Coffee Works in Chester, PA.

Promise Perk: A dark roast, this extra smooth blend is packed with flavor and the earthy qualities of the mountain region where it grows. Farmers in the Wologizi mountains were thrilled when Compassion Corps came through on our prompromise_perkise to purchase their coffee harvest from them. So, the new blend’s name actually has a two-fold meaning: first, we kept our promise to them and second, the new venture offers them a future filled with promise and possibility!

liberia_light_labelLiberia Light: For the coffee lover who prefers a lighter roast, this new product is still packed with flavor and will leave your tastebuds satisfied. We’ve taken our truly unique all-African blend and created the most delicious light-to-medium roast coffee you could imagine! Its warm tones are a reminder that Compassion Corps is working toward a sunny horizon for African coffee farmers.

Purchasing Coffee: An Opportunity to Give & Receive

The new Cup of Compassion brand will present coffee drinking, others-oriented, cause-promoting people everywhere with a great opportunity. At a very reasonable price, you can now enjoy great coffee and support sustainable development for African farmers…all at the same time! If you are local and would like to arrange a regular bulk purchase for a church, school or office, please contact us at

You can now also place an individual order for a personal monthly supply, delivered right to your door. Go to our  official COFFEE website, where you can pre-order!

Thanks for shopping Cup of Compassion!

Read more about the background details of this new, exciting project! Or watch the video below for an overview…

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