Give a gift that will last and make a difference in the lives of children in Africa.
Alternative gifts are great for family and friends and there is a wide variety to choose from.
Choose a gift, make your payment, and we will provide you with a card to give to that special person.

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Give a gift that helps in the area of HEALTH
$25 will help us purchase vitamins & medicines
$300 will purchase a medical bag for a graduating nurse
Give a gift that helps in the area of ORPHAN CARE
$25 – ANY AMOUNT will help our new Orphan Care Initiative in Liberia.
A traveling team will minister to 5 different orphanages providing health checks,
medical care (including vaccinations), school supplies, and food throughout the year.
Give a gift that helps in the area of PARTNERSHIP
$25 – ANY AMOUNT will support our partners in their works of
compassion as they carry out our mission of unleashing hope.
Give a gift that helps in the area of EDUCATION
$50 will pay a teacher’s salary for a month
$30 will pay for one month of school fees for a student
$360 will pay a year of school fees for a student
$200 will purchase a computer to help us equip our schools with needed technology
$300 will pay a semester of University for some of our children who have graduated.

Here’s what to do:

1. Choose your gift.
2. Click on the DONATE button and make your payment using either your paypal account or credit card.
3. Put a note in the memo box stating which gift you have chosen.
4. Upon receipt, a representative will contact you to get the information on where to send the card.

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